We will be receiving a Foreign Exchange student to Hayward this year from Grand Canary Island, Spain. 
Maria Castillo Olivares Castresana Bio
Hello , how are you ? My name is Maria and I am from Spain In my free time I like to spend my time with my friends and with my family ,go sopping , go to a restaurant o I like to spend with my dogs Prim and Lord This year i ,m going to a new school because i, m studying secondary school and in my old school we only can study till the primary school It has been a great change for me , for example This year I go to the school in the afternoon (14:50-20:05)to it because there are many people and with the COVID is imposible to go in the morning , I am cursing 11 year ( in Spain 1 bachillerato) I have 8 subjects: math , history, lengua , English , religion , economic , physical education, philosophy, French. I wake up at 8:00 pm and at 9:00 I put with my exercise , yes I can to choose my grade(bachillerato of sociales ) because I want to be a lawyer My house : is big , it has 3 floors : in the first one is the kitchen , living room , dining room , and one toilet , the second floor has 3 bedrooms my sister bedroom , mine and my fathers and has 2 toilets and the third floor is the store of our toys and has one bedroom with a toilet , my house is at 10 minutes of the center of the city and I go by bus to my school My mother is a health visitor and my father is a lawyer My city is so beautiful and comfortable all the city is connect with bus , the principal industry is the tourist For me this exchange will be a wonderful experience , I like very much to meet and know different people and different cultures , and apart from that I want ti improve my level of English .
It will be a pleasure for me to be able to live this experience