Did you know that Rotary sponsors exchange students from around the globe and ours is in Hayward now? Maria Del Castillo Olivares Castresana lives in the Canary Islands and she will live with host families in Hayward and attend high school here in our community as part of the Rotary exchange program.
Meet Maria Castillo Olivares Castresana
Rotarians gathered on the off Wednesday at the Gazebo at Shues pond to make a sign to welcome Maria to Hayward when she was picked up at the Minneapolis airport by her firs host family last week. 
Meri loves to spend time with her friends and family.  She connected with students from Hayward High school before she arriived. She has two dogs at home.  She has a sister that she is close with that has an interest in foreign exchange.  She loves to ride horses and plans to go to a university in Spain next year. 
Kelli and Lucy and Meri met with other Rotarians and other District Foreign Exchange students yesterday for orientation at the Mall of America.  Meri spent some time on the rides in the Mall's Nicolodian universe.