May 18, 2022
Nicole Nathan
Health and wellnes, the state of fitness in Hayward

 Nicole Nathan, owner of Hayward Fitness Fanatics and Hayward Dance Experience.  She will speakon health and wellness andthe state of fitness in our community.

Nicole's dance journey started right here in the Hayward Community. Her classically trained aunt who also owns a successful dance school in Minnesota encouraged Nicole to take dance lessons at an early age and never stopped encouraging her to grow and learn. Throughout her youth she has taken ballet, modern, pointe, ballroom and hip hop lessons; Nicole spent many summers at Just For Kix dance camps and even organized and managed the Hayward High School's one and only dance team. Most recently, Nicole received her Dance Teacher Certification from Dance Teacher University. Being a positive influence on young people and sharing her deep love of dance brought Nicole into the role of teaching and eventual studio ownership - something she believes is one of the greatest God-given gifts in her life!


Holding Bachelor’s Degrees in Health Promotion and Physical Education from the University of Saint Thomas and certified as a personal trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine; Nicole has gained experience and knowledge in the areas of individualized personal training, health/fitness counseling and special population needs. She began her yoga training at CorePower Yoga and later graduated from the Devanadi School of Yoga & Wellness Teacher Training Program, she absolutely loves what yoga has given her both personally & professionally and is passionate about making yoga accessible & possible for everyone! Nicole has also studied Dance throughout all of her life; enjoying the counsel of many teachers and mentors along the way. Sharing Dance to people of all ages has been her life's dream! Owning Hayward Fitness Fanatics & Dance Experience, by far, has been Nicole's most gratifying achievement! Being able offer her skills and passion for life to the community she adores is the greatest gift of all! 

I am guessing that is enough for her introduction! 


Nicole – noon at Flat Creek Eatery on May 18!